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Outsourcing is the performance of projects and services by third - party, outside service - providers. Outsourcing has become more than an option. For many companies, it has become a necessity. According to a recent survey by Hewitt Associates, 93% of large employers (those with 1,000 employees or more) outsource at least some of their HR functions, and many small to mid - sized companies also rely on outside expertise to supplement their internal capabilities.

Human Resources as a body of knowledge continues to become increasingly complex and technical, making it very challenging for small and midsized companies to maintain the necessary level of expertise and be in compliance with required laws and regulations. In addition, many HR professionals in larger companies are faced with getting more done with a smaller staff. Never before has HR management been so challenging and critical to a company's success.

What do companies typically outsource?

  • Recruitment / staffing
  • Compensation plans / wage - salary surveys and program design
  • Compliance reviews / audits
  • Organizational assessments / "climate" surveys
  • Policy and procedure development / Employee Handbooks
  • Reference - checking
  • Training - design and delivery
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Special projects

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you know what HR laws and regulations apply to your size company?
  • Are you or your HR manager overwhelmed with the day - to - day operations and haven't had time to either develop or update your employee handbook?
  • Do you have a prevention program in place for Harassment in the Workplace?
  • Do you pay overtime in conjunction with wage and hour laws?
  • How do you respond to FMLA requests?
  • Are you faced with sensitive performance management, disciplinary action or other difficult employee relations issues?
  • Are you analyzing your recruitment techniques, retention and turnover?

If you said "yes" to any of the above, outsourcing the task to qualified HR professionals may be a viable option to consider. HRG will be pleased to discuss your specific issue or project and develop a cost - effective solution for you.

On-Site Human Resources Assistance

Since 2006, HRG provides on-site HR assistance to clients in the Dane County, WI area. We believe that this service is ideal for clients who find themselves in one of the following scenarios:

  • has lost its HR support or management and needs interim help
  • does not have on-site HR support
  • has on-site HR support, but needs additional help with certain HR initiatives

Interim support from HRG can be at an administrative or a managerial level. We feel that what makes this service especially cost-effective and particularly valuable for our clients is that behind the person being assigned to a client location are all HRG resources, including our library of forms, templates, and reference manuals; compensatio databases; and senior consultant management and leadership of the person assigned.

A typical arrangement has HRG managing the individual assigned to the client organization, giving guidance and support to assure that the organization is getting the very best possible advice and value. Similar to a staffing arrangement, HRG handles payroll for the individual assigned and our fees are comparable to what a staffing firm would charge, but HRG is an off-site Human Resources department for the individual providing senior-level expertise and guidance.

For more information on this service offering or HR outsourcing, please contact us.

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