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Many organizations have found that a well-developed Employee Handbook can be an instrumental tool for helping to maintain effective employee relations and communicate organizational policies and practices.  HRG delivers legally-defensible, customized handbooks that provide relevant, on-target information and management flexibility in non-legalistic, clear English (and Spanish).

HRG is proud to announce that we have added a cost effective method for you to prepare your company's handbook. 

Policies and Procedures

Although consistency is necessary, a proper blend with flexibility to achieve business goals is a must where policies and procedures are concerned.  HRG delivers policies and procedures that keep the business goals foremost while insuring compliance is addressed.

Time-Off Systems

Whether a client desires a traditional time-off system, a paid-time off (PTO) or a customized approach to employee time-off, HRG delivers accountable systems that maximize the time-off return on investment.

Workplace Investigation

  • Harassment
  • Theft
  • Drugs / Alcohol
  • Inappropriate Conduct
  • Custom Investigations

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